XIXO wins MagyarBrands award!

After winning Product of the Year in 2014, the XIXO brand, introduced just a year-and-a-half ago, receives recognition from MagyarBrands once again. HELL ENERGY’s PET bottled soft drink line, consisting of iced teas, lemonades, and flavored waters, has become well-known and very popular among consumers in just a short amount of time, as proven by the current award the brand has won.

The MagyarBrands award has been presented for the fifth time in a row this year to those Hungarian brands that are deemed worthy of representing Hungarian businesses at home and abroad. Based on objective company data (tradition, ownership, employment) and the decision made by the independent experts of the MagyarBrands Committee (reputation, identity), as well as the nationwide survey conducted by the GfK Hungária Market Research Institute (how well-known is the brand, its popularity), XIXO counts as a genuine Hungarian brand, from the aspects of quality, business, and consumer relations, they have been deemed fit for a place among the TOP200 consumer brands.

The MagyarBrands program, launched in 2010, has the main goal of calling attention to domestic products. It is increasingly important for Hungarian consumers that the products they purchase contribute to Hungarian companies and thus the development of the domestic economy. MagyarBrands awards Hungarian brands whose products and services represent values on the Hungarian and international markets that ensure consumers receive consistency and high quality for their money.

“This year marks the second award won by our brand XIXO, which we introduced to the market just at the beginning of summer last year. I believe that such recognition that is based foremost on consumer feedback serves as the primary form of feedback for us, letting us know we are on the right track. This recognition is down to the values XIXO represents, and our efforts toward excellent quality, expert know-how, and meeting consumer needs. We are proud that in just a year and a half our brand has not only become well known but also very popular and recognized among a wide range of consumers,” said Imola Lilla Fodor, marketing director.

The values associated with the awarded brands have given us a tangible advantage that has allowed us to increase the consistency and recognition of our products.

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