A huge success for HELL Energy at the 2012 Prodexpo

February 2012 – At the beginning of the year, HELL ENERGY represented themselves at the XIXth International Specialized Exhibition of Food Products and Drinks in Moscow, as they have previously at several other food industry exhibitions throughout the world. Last year over 2000 exhibitors from 55 different countries took part in the most prestigious food event in Moscow and the number of visitors exceeded 50 thousand. That is why the expo is very popular among not only Russian suppliers and distributors but businesses from the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe. It is indeed decided here which products will gain traction in Russia during the next year and will be able to further solidify their presence.

This year's PRODEXPO broke all records of the exhibition's history, held on over 102 thousand m2 with the participation of 2100 companies from all over the world. HELL ENERGY  was among the exhibitors, they may be a new player on the Russian market, but it is no secret that they aim to conquer it shortly. The brand name is surely familiar to Russian fans of Formula1, drifting, and other technical sports just as the familiar devil's head logo of the young successful Hungarian company has forced the largest energy drink manufacturers in the world to give them some room on the market in 28 countries worldwide.

Those who were lucky enough to visit the PRODEXPO between February 13 and 17 could witness an extremely important event: a brave new player has busted out onto the Russian market of non-alcoholic beverages. Soon everyone can see for themselves because the red and black cans have already appeared on the shelves of all the bigger grocery stores in March. Naturally, expanding distribution toward smaller stores is in the works as well.

The HELL booth attracted quite the crowds for the whole duration of the expo, thanks to not only the tasty energy drinks but also the sexy hostesses wearing devil horns. The exhibited HELL-branded Hummer H1 also made quite an impression on visitors, the vehicle was driven through the streets of Moscow at night giving everyone lucky enough to meet up with it one HELL of an energy kick.

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