Pegazus Award 2014: HELL ENERGY among the five most dynamically developing Hungarian businesses

Budapest, November 28, 2014, HELL ENERGY Magyarország Kft., the market-leading Hungarian energy drink manufacturing company was among the nominees for the Pegazus Award, presented for the sixth time yesterday, the brand was the only company representing the soft drink category. Based on their results within the ranks of market leaders in Central Hungary, HELL was included among the five highest-performing businesses of the most dynamically developing Hungarian companies of 2014.

At he exclusive gala held yesterday in the Vigadó, Hungarian companies showing exceptional growth were presented awards in two different categories, up-and-coming and market leaders. These businesses are excellent examples that development is possible even among less than ideal economic circumstances. With the Pegazus Award the donors, Enterprise Investors, a company managing private and venture capital, and Bisnode, an international partner control company, recognize small and midsize Hungarian businesses showing exceptional growth each year based on the same criteria, that is, by comparing and ranking the companies’ public revenue. It can be said of all the nominated businesses that they have been founded at least five years ago, are under majority Hungarian ownership, currently active, have good liquidity indicators, and their EBITDA results for 2013 are positive.

“Our nation sorely needs role models and well-functioning successful businesses. I believe it is very important to acknowledge these economic role-players. I am happy to see that there are initiatives such as the Pegazus Award which aims to call attention to these excellent results,” said István Cserpes, founding owner of Cserpes Cheese Workshop, in his speech to the winners.

The companies recognized this year also represented a wide array of industries, food and food safety, medical equipment and implants production, heating technology, metal works, as well as ornamental sculpture and interior design. The domestic companies could win the prestigious award in two categories, the UP AND COMING  category included the companies whose revenue in 2013 was between 250 million and 2,5 billion forints; whilst the MARKET LEADERS are companies that had revenue over 2,5 billion forints in 2013.

As the only leader on the domestic soft drink market, as the energy drink segment is the only one not led by a multinational company, HELL ENERGY was very pleased to be honored with a nomination and to be one of the five most dynamically successful Hungarian businesses. The certificate was accepted by Tamás Jenei, national sales director for HELL ENERGY Magyarország Kft:

"Our company, HELL ENERGY, is very honored to accept this recognition because to be included among top-performing companies would be a great pleasure for anyone. HELL sees the export expansion as the motor of our development apart from innovation and maintenance of our leadership position on the Hungarian market. We have expanded to foreign markets over the past years and as a result, HELL energy drinks are available in over 30 different countries, and in several of these, Romania, Cyprus, and Bulgaria, just like at home, we are at the top of the market. This award is for everyone working at HELL, all those who have been working since 2006 to make sure that we develop into one of Hungary's most successful companies with strong export growth. The trust and confidence of the consumers in our brand continues to be the basis of our success, our customers know that they can always count on the quality they are used to and have come to expect. This award gives us further motivation to strive toward even higher quality and greater popularity. Thank you!"

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