HELL ENERGY invited to join the biggest European manufacturers

October 2012 – HELL ENERGY  represented Hungary at this year's Strategic Manufacturing Awards gala in Düsseldorf. This was the first time a Hungarian company's factory was chosen among the best in Europe. HELL's Szikszó bottling plant was deemed by a high-ranking international panel of experts to be among the top three in the category of Global and World-class Production. The category's 2012 winner was, in the end, the American Cognizant Technology Solutions with 145 thousand employees and a 4,5 billion euro revenue in the previous year, whom HELL's factory director was among the first to congratulate.

The Strategic Manufacturing Awards, for which a Hungarian manufacturer was first nominated this year, recognizes Europe’s top manufacturers on a yearly basis. The Strategic Manufacturing Awards were given to world-brands such as Alstom, Heineken, L’Oreal, Unilever, Toyota Motor Europe, Sara Lee in the past years.

"For us at HELL ENERGY, just being nominated is a huge honor and an unparalleled success for a Hungarian company as no-one has achieved such an honor until 2012. We are a young, successful Hungarian company, it has been just a  little over a year that we began producing HELL, the leading Hungarian energy drink brand, independently and we have been included among such elite company, world-renowned brands like L'oreál and Heineken. Even though we did not win first place tonight, I still believe that taking part in the gala is a new milestone in the life of our company because we were placed among not only the top energy drink producers but the top three manufacturers in general on the continent. I trust that our success will be an example to the other young Hungarian companies, and like us, these companies will dare to dream big and think on a global scale," said Elemér Tarsoly, the director of HELL's szikszó factory, directly after the winners were announced.

Examing the statistics of the six-year history of the "Oscars of Factories," it really is a historical success achieved by the market-leading Hungarian energy drink manufacturing company, because the vast majority of the previous nominees and winners were multinational companies with several tens of thousands of employees and a global presence. Only 10% of the companies ever nominated had less than five-thousand employees.

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