Refreshing flavor, zero sugar- we have added a new mango-flavored drink to our XIXO green tea family

We have some great news for fans of iced tea; presenting our new XIXO Mango-flavored Green Tea, a ZERO option. You don’t have to give variety and refreshing new flavors this spring thanks to the Hungarian brand’s all-new premium iced tea.

The XIXO brand was launched six years ago and has been gaining popularity ever since. The positive feedback we get from our consumers and the ever-changing requirements motivate us to come up with new, delicious flavors all the time.

The newest member of our iced tea family, XIXO Mango-flavored Green Tea Zero features the full aroma of mango and offers refreshment to the body and soul with its green tea extracts. The all-new XIXO product is aspartame-fee and contains no artificial colors. This sugar-free iced tea with a truly refreshing flavor is suitable for all ages. Our mango-flavored iced tea in 250 ml CAN featuring a fresh, new design is sure to become a fast favorite.

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